Rotation Transformations







Having fixed the stars in space

Nicolaus Copernicus sets the world

(by default) into motion

(the only possible deduction)

dispelling the notion

of an earth at rest

at the centre of the universe.

Incredulous at his own audacity

Copernicus repeatedly wipes his brow

and furiously paces his study.

What now?

All too aware of the consequences

the sealing of his fate

he looks down

observes the movement of his feet.

His world never to stand still again.


the nature of rotation transformations

the ongoing search for the centre

the point about which all else revolves.

Copernicus in a spin

maps out his life

its daily and yearly revolutions

defines his rotation about the origin

keeping his distance

maintaining his isometry.

While elsewhere all around him

the earth is stationary

motionless amidst concentric rotating spheres

of outdated postulations

the fear of a heliocentric theory replacing self

and God, that other great astronomer,

of little help.

Copernicus the church administrator

counts the cost

his uncle (Bishop Lukasz Watsenrode) aghast.

His world precessing on its axis

while Copernicus observes his own occultation

the obscuration of his greatest work

De Revolutionibus Orbium Coelestium.

Finding his own place in space

Copernicus awaits his death

a rigid motion transformation.

And us? Even yet

our coordinates unknown

our centre unnamed

our images translated to another plane

a geocentric cosmology continuing to reign.

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