Book on Games of Chance

Gerolamo (or Girolamo, or Geronimo) Cardano (French Jérôme Cardan; Latin Hieronymus Cardanus) (24 September 1501 – 21 September 1576) was an Italian Renaissance mathematician, physician, astrologer and gambler. His gambling led him to formulate elementary rules in probability, making him one of the founders of the field.
Today, he is best known for his achievements in algebra. He published the solutions to the cubic and quartic equations in his 1545 book Ars Magna.  In his exposition, he acknowledged the existence of what are now called imaginary numbers, although he did not understand their properties

Cardano was notoriously short of money and kept himself solvent by being an accomplished gambler and chess player. His book about games of chance, Liber de ludo aleae (“Book on Games of Chance”) , written in 1526, but not published until 1663, contains the first systematic treatment of probability, as well as a section on effective cheating methods.

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